CATIA V5-6R liefert Spitzenleistung

Mit diesem Release können Sie auf die Vorteile der Funktionalitäten der 3DEXPERIENCE Plattform in nahtloser Zusammenarbeit mit V5-6R zugreifen.


Die Möglichkeiten der Zusammenarbeit in sozialen Netzwerken, das Unternehmensmanagement sowie die Dashboard-Funktionen der 3DEXPERIENCE Plattform können zur Unterstützung von Prozessen mit den V5-6R Werkzeugen eingesetzt werden.

ENOVIA - VPM Relational Design (RLD)
Leverage practices that capture and re-use knowledge into the product for rapid design changes by managing and navigating on the rich content and relations of the V5 product reference information.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

VPM Relational Design leverages unique V5 technologies that enable relational design practices to capture and re-use knowledge into your product, so that it can adapt to changes. Engineers directly navigate on the product content and its relationships. It enhances decision for modifications through an accurate view on causes and effects throughout the complete design. Designers can decide to adapt their design with the last modifications made by peers.

VPM Relational Design is completed by a new generation of breakthrough products, such as VPM Navigator [VPN] and VPM Relational Design [RLD]. They provide a powerful single desktop for product designers that contribute to a lean and efficient development process for innovative products.

Product Highlights

Understand and manage the cause and effect relationship of product development Provide dedicated working environments for high productive product design. Synchronize concurrent design changes to adapt product with the new specifications

Product Key Customer Benefits

The direct management of relational design on the complete product with VPM Relational Design shrinks the development cycle time, involving the right actors in a generative approach, and enhances innovation by enabling more design studies.

Understand, and manage the cause and effect relationship of product development

V5 technology goes beyond simple document to document link to manage relations. To explain briefly: In a document to document link, when working within a part-to-part relationship and when a modification has been performed, all connections to the initial part that has been changed needs to be updated. Taking it one step further, V5 performs feature level link. This means that just the effected part has to be checked. This enables concurrent engineering among teams of designers and offers much more scalability. VPM Relational Design positions as decision tool that understands the status of the relationship to navigate within these different associations. The Impact graph brings an accurate view on the impacts of modification throughout the complete design, leveraging the what would happen if design approach.

Provide dedicated working environments for high productive product design.

Relational Design practices covers the capture and reuse of generic parts to be adapted in new contexts. VPM Relational Design enables to perform these high value tasks in flexible environments. Designers can manage their own workspace and easily establish reference links at the feature level between parts that do not share the same product context. Advanced complex part or product development takes full benefit of already existing proven, capitalized solutions (such as templates), which automatically adapt to the new specifications. Time to do right the first time is drastically reduced.

Synchronize concurrent design changes to adapt product with the new specifications

ENOVIA's concurrent engineering support added to V5 unique technologies for links and knowledge management promotes powerful processes that drive rapid product development, taking into account a large amount of engineers. As an example, work on the most complex parts can be split as many designers needed and respecting roles for all them, such as system architects that drives the main specifications and design specialist for detail design. All of them can easily adapt their design with the latest modifications performed by others thanks to synchronization command. It facilitates collaboration where all the information are shared.