CATIA V5-6R liefert Spitzenleistung

Mit diesem Release können Sie auf die Vorteile der Funktionalitäten der 3DEXPERIENCE Plattform in nahtloser Zusammenarbeit mit V5-6R zugreifen.


Die Möglichkeiten der Zusammenarbeit in sozialen Netzwerken, das Unternehmensmanagement sowie die Dashboard-Funktionen der 3DEXPERIENCE Plattform können zur Unterstützung von Prozessen mit den V5-6R Werkzeugen eingesetzt werden.

MultiCAx - PD Plug-in (PDL)
Provide interoperability functions for CAD data to enable MultiCAx visualization and design-in-context.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

The MultiCAx products provide the ability to handle proprietary data from a large number of CAD systems. The MultiCAx products enable the import of 3D data from I-DEAS, Pro/ENGINEER, Unigraphics, SolidEdge, Inventor, SolidWorks, ACIS, Parasolid, DELMIA, CATIA Version 4, CATIA Version 5 and various other formats (IGES, STEP, STL, SLP, OBJ Wavefront, VRML, I-DEAS IFF ).

The MultiCAx products may be used in conjunction with ENOVIA Portal products to visualize a multiCAx digital mock-up that include multiCAx parts and in conjunction with CATIA to enable data coming from non-CATIA systems to be used in a hybrid product development environment.

Product Highlights

  • Organizations to preserve their CAD investment while still benefiting from rich design-in-context and digital mock-up processes.
  • Collaborative working, with data coming from multiple different CAD systems, and being used in a single heterogeneous digital mock-up and design environment.
  • Exact positioning and exact measurement of MultiCAx parts using facilities offered by the digital mock-up and design tools such as planes, coordinate systems and cylinder axis.
  • Assembly support: Where assemblies are supported, the links they carry towards component parts are resolved, enabling complete assemblies to be automatically and accurately inserted into the digital mock-up product structure.
  • The user can interactively insert MULTICAx native data directly in to digital mock-ups, or by using the batch mode, the user can convert MultiCAx data into CATIA V5 data and then open all necessary V5 format data into a CATIA, DMU or 3d com Navigator session.
  • No foreign licenses are required on the seat where MultiCAx products are used

Product Key Customer Benefits

Many customer environments involve the use of multiple CAD/CAM products, either 2D or 3D. This may be because over time, as one CAD product replaces another, it was necessary to keep a minimum number of the previous system s licenses to maintain the data. Or perhaps the different products satisfy different requirements across mechanical, electrical or software development departments. Then again, in an extended enterprise where multiple suppliers are exchanging data, it may be that members of the engineering supply chain use different CAD systems. In all these cases, full design-in-context capabilities are only available if the designers are able to use the CAD data whichever tool it comes from. MultiCAx products provide the ability to convert foreign CAD data from its native format into a format compatible with a digital mock-up development environment and to support collaborative work for implementation of best practices such as review, interference detection, kinematics, fitting and so on using ENOVIA Portal. Customers using CATIA can benefit from the multiCAx environment made possible by these products to optimise their design-in-context design practices by using mixed CATIA and multiCAx geometry.