IBM und Dassault Systèmes präsentieren das neue Release V5R15 ihrer PLM-Lösungen

Neue Version mit erweiterten 3D-Funktionalitäten für die digitale Produktentwicklung

Stuttgart, 3. Juni 2005 - Das neue Release V5R15 der PLM-Lösungen (Product Lifecycle Management) CATIA, ENOVIA und SMARTEAM bietet erweiterte Funktionalitäten für die gesamte digitale Produktentwicklung und das unternehmensweite Datenmanagement. V5R15 baut auf den Stärken des vorangegangenen Releases auf und verfügt über eine einheitliche Arbeitsplattform für Ingenieure und Maschinenbauer aus allen Industriezweigen. Ein Schwerpunkt bildet die erweiterte Kommunikation über 3DXML. Mit diesem Datenformat können dreidimensionale Produktdaten einfach und schnell über Unternehmensgrenzen hinweg ausgetauscht werden. Dadurch sind Ingenieure in der Lage, in jeder Entwicklungsphase eines Produktes, dessen Größe, Form und Funktion mit Kunden oder Partnern abzustimmen.

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Dassault Systèmes and IBM Announce Version 5 Release 15 of their Product Lifecycle Management Portfolio

New version extends the proven power of the V5 platform with open 3D collaboration

Paris, France – May 24, 2005 – Dassault Systèmes (Nasdaq: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) and IBM today announced the release of Version 5 Release 15 (V5R15) of their product lifecycle management (PLM) portfolio, comprised of CATIA for collaborative product development, and ENOVIA and SMARTEAM for product data and life cycle management, collaboration, and decision support. Concurrently, Dassault Systèmes announced V5R15 of DELMIA for digital development of factory and production processes.


The new release builds on the strengths of V5R14 by providing unified working environments, or desktops, targeting the specific needs of key user communities such as engineering, manufacturing, and enterprise users. It strengthens its leadership position in coverage of business processes, delivering breakthrough technologies that improve productivity and innovation in all industries.


“Providing a 3D digital view really improves communication with customers,” said Kenji Kozakai, general manager for the Information Technologies Department of Sanyo Machine Works, a provider of industrial automation systems. “When we discuss the design of an assembly line, we are able to get a clear understanding of what the customer wants. This improves collaboration and accelerates design validation.”


Mech-Tool Engineering, a UK supplier to the Offshore Oil Production industry and a recent convert to the V5 toolset, leverages Generative Mechanical Design capabilities and breakthrough Knowledgeware practices. “Although we are still in the early stages, the progress we’ve made is very promising,” said Ron Davison, technical director. “We have already experienced 25:1 productivity gains, and we believe those benefits are sustainable.”

The V5R15 product portfolio brings business value to manufacturers in the following areas:
Accelerated Collaboration with Suppliers – V5R15 accelerates supply chain collaborative processes by facilitating the exchange of engineering package data between OEMs and suppliers of all sizes. This enables faster and more frequent design iterations, while preserving engineering relationships – resulting in “right-first-time” products.

Enhanced Communication with 3DXML – V5R15 leverages the open and extremely lightweight 3DXML format. Using 3DXML, customers can communicate in 3D by easily and rapidly sharing high-quality 3D representations of the virtual product throughout the extended enterprise.  V5R15 also introduces a new 3D XML viewer.

Increased PLM ROI for Companies of All Sizes – To facilitate rapid deployment in companies of all sizes, V5R15 strengthens entry-level solutions based on CATIA -SMARTEAM and extends the VPM Navigator, which provides a unified environment for 3D authoring and virtual product management. It also introduces a unique approach for conceptual design within the 3D environment with the new CATIA – 2D Layout for 3D Design application. Furthermore, it enhances the V5 manufacturing desktop, introducing new change management capabilities between engineering and manufacturing, pre-defined databases for manufacturing process planning, and new and enhanced V5 manufacturing applications, such as the DELMIA – Arc Welding solution.

Enabled PLM Business Processes Across the Enterprise – V5R15 increases business process visibility and agility by orchestrating cross-functional processes across multiple enterprise application domains. The ENOVIA – LCA Enterprise Process Management product, using WebSphere, improves process definition through ready to use templates, monitors process execution through extensive reporting and statistics capabilities, enables informed decision making based on filtered views of enterprise processes and PLM product information, and tracks decisions, enabling re-use of experience in future projects.  Among other benefits, enterprise process management significantly reduces cycle times and optimizes resource utilization.

Extended PLM Value with the OPEN V5 Platform – V5R15 continues to deliver on its proven openness framework and to support industry standards by delivering major improvements in quality, performance and scalability, as well as extending AIX 64-bit support. V5R15 also continues the expansion of the V5 software community with more than 50 partners providing more than 320 V5 applications.


“With V5R15, 3D collaboration has no more limits,” Bernard Charlès, president and CEO, Dassault Systèmes. “3DXML extends 3D outside the engineering department and across the extended enterprise, so that anyone in a company can now benefit from the power of 3D. This release leverages the open V5 PLM platform to provide all of the companies in the supply chain with critical competitive advantages in terms of collaboration and process coverage.” 


“With V5R15, we are reinforcing our commitment to helping our customers enter a new world of enterprise collaboration and value chain integration,” said Scott Hopkins, general manager, Product Lifecycle Management, IBM. “This open V5R15 platform can help them tackle their time-to-market and innovation challenges and start their journey as On Demand businesses.”


V5R15 Brand Highlights: for detailed V5R15 brand information, visit or
CATIA for collaborative product development – CATIA V5R15 accelerates V5 adoption by enhancing PLM relational design practices. It uses the 3D XML format to make it easy to share high-quality 3D representations and expands collaborative engineering between OEMs and suppliers by strengthening capacities for engineering package exchange. It delivers a unique approach in the area of conceptual design and further shrinks the distinction between virtual and real products. It also extends 64-bit support to the entire CATIA V5 portfolio.

ENOVIA for product data and lifecycle management and decision support – V5R15 introduces the LCA Enterprise Process Management product, which leverages standard middleware to orchestrate business processes across multiple enterprise applications. The new release provides unmatched productivity for concurrent development processes with enhanced ENOVIA VPM Navigator. It extends virtual product development across the extended enterprise by delivering significant enhancements to the exchange of engineering packages and to the practices for virtual collocation.

SMARTEAM for product lifecycle collaboration – For V5R15, SMARTEAM delivers key productivity enhancements to its CATIA integration, facilitating concurrent engineering and optimizing design collaboration, and leverages openness to increase process coverage and automation. Its strengthened PLM practices drive knowledge reuse, standards compliance, and innovation for OEMs and suppliers of all sizes in different industries.

DELMIA for digital development of factory and production processes – In V5R15, DELMIA delivers new digital manufacturing solutions for the automotive body in white, robotic arc welding, and off-line programming domains. It delivers improved efficiencies in both the deployment and utilization of the collaborative Manufacturing Hub environment, and breaks down the barriers between product and manufacturing engineering.


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