EXALEAD Breakfast Seminar

On 07/10/2014
Meitnerstr. 8, 70563 Stuttgart Germany

Save time searching for files Decrease the effort to design or redesign Open to non-CAD users

EXALEAD OnePart, the search solution for design and engineering assets, is unique from other 3D search solutions on the market:

  • Shape search in conjunction with sematic search
  • Rich metadata 
  • Ergonomic Web interface 
  • Search on multi-CAT, multi-PDM/PLM, and related documents

Learn more about OnePart via customer stories and a live demo for the Aerospace & Defense, Transportation & Mobility, and Architecture, Engineering & Constructin industries.


1. Features and Demo
2. Key Differentiators and Benefits
3. IT Impacts and ROI
4. Questions and Answers
5. Lunch
6. Optional Analytics Session

The Event is free of charge.


For those of you who would like to learn more about our Analytics solution, you are warmly welcomed to a 14:00 presentation.

PLM systems contain a huge variety of data, supporting many processes in the company. Clearly, users can benefit from an advanced search through all active information and legacy data. EXALEAD makes the most of your PLM Information by helping users to quickly visualize, analyze and improve business processes: staffing, costs, deadlines, budgets, KPIs and more.

We'll show you simple and rapid reporting functionalities, featuring near real-time data analytics, aggregating multiples or unstructured & structured contents, while keeping your data in its original repository. We will also demonstrate how the EXALEAD Analytics solution is a non-instructive technology, powerful, flexible, easy to deploy and configure. 

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EXALEAD Breakfast Seminar

Standort Meitnerstr. 8, 70563
Land Germany

Meitnerstr. 8, 70563