ILC Dover

United States Brand: SIMULIA
Industry: Aerospace & Defense

Leader in the development of flexible material systems that withstand extreme environments, Delaware-based ILC Dover designs both hardware and soft goods for the wide-ranging challenges of space exploration. It made spacesuits for NASA’s Apollo astronauts in the 1960s and 70s and gear for the space shuttle crew that repaired the Hubble telescope. ILC Dover makes a multitude of earthbound commercial products as well, from innovative containment systems for packaging powder pharmaceuticals to highly advanced protective military gear.

The Challenge

ILC Dover needed to design a lightweight, inflatable, soft goods habitat for astronauts that can be deployed, and withstand extended time, in the extreme environment of the Moon or Mars. Read more.

Dassault Systèmes Response

Abaqus FEA is used to test virtual models of habitat fabric and webbing under varying load scenarios to evaluate the robustness of the structure’s design.


Realistic simulation allows testing of design integrity on earth, avoids expensive prototyping of advanced materials and provides significant time savings.