Clip-Lok International Ltd.

Denmark Brand: CATIA, ENOVIA
Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail

Clip-Lok boxes are an innovative, costeffective, environmentally friendly way to pack and unpack products. The brainchild of Clip-Lok International, a openhagen-based manufacturer with offices in over 14 countries, they are reusable flat-packable wooden boxes for companies that need to ship their products over any distance. Sturdy, Clip-Lok boxes can be reused on the average 100 times.

The Challenge

To secure its competitive edge, Clip-Lok must custom design boxes that are cost effective, match the precise size and shape of their contents, and can be flattened for return shipment.

Dassault Systèmes Response

The intelligent knowledge-based design and data management capabilities of CATIA PLM Express allow Clip-Lok engineers to create more designs and manage more projects than before.


Clip-Lok reduced its lead time from three weeks to less than one week and improved communication with customers, which has had a positive effect on its business.