Firsthand Technology

United States Brand: 3DVIA
Industry: Business Services, Life Sciences & Healthcare

Since 1995, Firsthand has been creating interactive Virtual Reality applications for education, training, business, research and therapy. Our services include creative design, application development, authorized sales of Virtools VR development software, and customized turnkey VR hardware systems.

The Challenge

Doctors at the University of Washington School of Medicine needed a more flexible version of SnowWorld, a virtual reality approach to relieving burn patients’ pain by distracting them during wound treatment.

Dassault Systèmes Response

Commissioned by the University of Washington, Firsthand Technology leveraged 3DVIA Virtools and NVIDIA graphics to create a version of SnowWorld that is even more immersive and can be changed and updated easily.


Patients report their perception of pain when immersed in SnowWorld is reduced by as much as half. 3DVIA Virtools allows Firsthand Technology to quickly and easily adapt SnowWorld to test researchers’ new hypotheses in burn pain therapy, further improving treatment.