Virtual twin

Virtual Twin of Product, Site, Equipment

A Virtual Twin Experience will boost your business; we can create it for you. Our experts use 3DS solutions to build the Virtual Twin Experience, starting from 3D Scan and/or 2D drawings and pictures, and delivering best results

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Our engineers study your input files and generate Virtual Twin Experience personalized to your usage: model with texture for rapid prototyping, parametric model for design optimization purposes, etc.

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Contract Research

Dassault Systèmes offers flexible and collaborative scientific consulting and outcome-based contract research engagements that can provide significant new insights into processes, properties and products-improving research productivity, enhancing breakthrough-innovations, proactive failure remediation, enabling informed scientific decision making, and accelerating time to market of better performing products.

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Virtual Commissioning

Dassault Systèmes supports customer  to perform test, validation and qualification activities by providing a Real Time Plant Simulation connected to PLCs and SCADA systems

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Concept Structure Engineering

Dassault Systèmes delivers Concept Structure Engineering to break silos between design and simulation, allowing rapid generation and modification of parametric structural concepts and evaluation through simulations.

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Lightweight Engineering

Leveraging the 3DEXPERIENCE Digital Continuity and using Generative & Cognitive Augmented Design, Dassault Systèmes optimizes the shapes of a product, starting as an input with the allocated volume in space and the functional specifications to get the best structural or fluidic performance.

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