Delivering Optimization studies

Delivering Optimization studies

Building safe environment with simulation & modeling: WLTP CO2 emissions vehicle certification, Weight saving, What-If scenarios, Noise reduction etc

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Battery cell, module & pack engineering

Dassault Systemes’ experts design and optimize battery cells and module/pack performance over a wide range of operating conditions while satisfying cost, durability and safety requirements.

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Airflow Simulation

Dassault Systèmes delivers 3D airflow simulations to assess the propagation risk of contaminants, such as aerosolized viruses, to detect potentially contaminated areas and ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of ventilation systems in Hospitals, Offices, Factories and Public places.

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Aerospace Structural Vulnerability

Aiming to support certification of aerospace structures, Dassault Systèmes delivers structural simulation to evaluate, quantity and reduce the susceptibility of critical aircraft components to damage caused structural impact events, assess the residual strength of structural components after discrete impact events. 

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Windturbine Trailing noise

This Dassault Systèmes’ offer enables customers to:

  • Simulate transient flow to estimate noise levels from wind turbine blades
  • Design and optimize noise suppression add-ons
  • Reduce noise emission
  • Increase wind turbine annual energy production

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5G Antenna Engineering & Certification

This offer enables mobile device or RF equipment OEMs supplying the industrial/manufacturing or field service environment, to create highly competitive products incorporating 5G technology and ensure installed antenna performance, high speed signal integrity, de-sense, and human exposure certification.

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