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What successful cloud business transformation looks like

Moving to a cloud-based platform gives businesses the chance to rethink how they work while remaining resilient

In the wake of the pandemic many companies have been forced to not only re-evaluate their day-to-day operations but rethink their entire business. How can you both ensure business continuity and constantly adapt and evolve to better navigate a rapidly changing landscape?

Moving onto a cloud-based platform helps companies operate more resiliently during times of extreme disruption by delivering a digital workplace that enables effective remote working and encourages online collaboration. But it also goes far beyond this, creating a connected ecosystem that can transform an organization’s relationship with both its customers and partners across the value chain, and in turn inspire new ways of working and new business approaches.

Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a single cloud-based platform from which employees can plan, design, simulate and collaborate on projects together at any time and from any device. From design and engineering to marketing and sales, ideas and insights can be quickly shared, models tested and potential problems identified. The result of this is faster times to market, greater version control, an increase in productivity, and ultimately a greater opportunity for growth.

Take for example Canoo, a California-based startup that designs electric vehicles around a subscription model. The company has an ambitious go-to-market target for 2021 and meeting that means having an online solution that has the flexibility and scalability to support its growing requirements. “With our time-to-market goals, we didn’t have six months to get back-end computers to work,” said co-founder and Chairman of Canoo’s Advisory Board, Stefan Krause.“The cloud-based system has been fantastic, and it’s worked seamlessly for us through multiple moves and expansions. You put your computer on the table and you’re immediately able to collaborate efficiently around the world.”

Rapid integration, ease of use and scalability are crucial factors in enabling a business to embrace digital transformation, in a low-risk way, during a turbulent period. Rather than a lengthy period integrating new IT solutions, a company can add or remove apps from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to suit their specific requirements of the time.

We examined other options but they were much more rigid, so we decided on 3DEXPERIENCE. This solution enables us to be more flexible, agile and fast, which is fundamental in our sector.

Joan Puig
Head of product development

By directly communicating and collaborating with their customers and stakeholders on a single cloud-based platform, companies can also transform their relationships across their networks. They can reevaluate their value chains, remove unnecessary intermediaries, and accelerate innovation in order to better serve the needs of their customers. 


Embracing digital transformation today is crucial to a business’ success tomorrow. But in this period of extreme disruption it is also increasingly business critical. The cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers a flexible scalable solution that can help your business thrive.

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