Managing the outbreak, especially as economic activity and daily life resumes, will require specific measures and changes to everyday environments to control virus transmission.

As the world starts recovering from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the infrastructure of everyday life spaces needs air quality testing. This is a new challenge for many: designers, engineers and architects have never had to consider contagion in such depth before. However, for society to get back to a "new normal" and guarantee safe spaces—such as shops, schools, offices or transportation—for citizens, employees and customers, organization owners must ensure safety through different measures.

In order to design safe spaces, engineers must be able to determine accurately the transport of pathogens from coughs or sneezes within an enclosed area, and consider the possible deposition of such pathogens on contaminated surfaces, as well as air handling and filtration systems efficiency against such pathogens.

Leveraging simulation enables the best indoor air quality monitoring through analysis of the contamination risks and helps to design palliative measures. Communication to reassure population, customers or the workforce also benefits from simulation results, thanks to high quality rendering.

Create Safe Environment

Create Safe Life Environment for Citizens

SIMULIA CFD/Fluid solutions provide accurate prediction of droplet transport by airflow. Our solutions can reveal the invisible, helping us at assessing any potential increased risk of contagion (HVAC system configurations, air purifiers, filters, or simple natural ventilation) via high quality rendered animations powered by science.

Create Safe Medical Environment

Organizations have acknowledged the importance of airborne contagion for the transmission of COVID-19 from aerosols, i.e. droplets exhaled by infected people less than 5 microns in diameter. Medical infrastructures were not ready for the pandemic, and more can be done to ensure Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in medical facilities.

Create Safe Work Environment

Our solutions have the ability to minimize the risk of contamination for their workforce in the office, breakroom or factory floor by creating a digital twin of the entire workspace to simulate the airflow from the ventilation system and the transport of potentially contaminated droplets.


Create Safe Life Environment through Simulation with SIMULIA on the Cloud

Securing the new normal | Managing the outbreak, especially as economic activity and daily life resumes, will require specific measures and changes to everyday environments to control virus transmission.

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Create Safe Life Environment with Dassault Systèmes

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Simulation has been the missing puzzle piece. We had the expectation that the results would be a basis for 20-30% of our decision. However, with the results that are now available, we have gained a confidence level of 60-70%.

Erich Nitzsche
Vice President of Engineering Standards and Services, GEA
Customer Story


German-based GEA, one of the largest technology system suppliers in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical sectors contracted Dassault Systèmes’ Engineering Services organization to simulate and visualize different scenarios for the re-opening of their cafeteria at its Oelde site using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation. The result: a comprehensive risk assessment for the re-opening after the lockdown in March due to COVID-19.

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Simulation for Safe Medical Environment | Off-Site Spotlight Interview with Emmanuel Vanoli

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