Simulation for engineers who perform routine fluid flow and conjugate heat transfer calculations


SIMULIA fluid dynamics solutions enable users to quickly explore hundreds of designs while concurrently improving product performance. Guide design improvements based on criteria such as optimal flow distribution, efficient thermal management, minimal pressure losses, flow uniformity, quality and cost-effectiveness.


Set up fluid flow and thermal transfer simulations quickly and easily with a fully guided user experience. Fluid Dynamics Engineer leverages industry standard RANS based finite volume Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology with automated fluid extraction and meshing so you can spend less time on simulation setup and focus more on design and engineering.


Simulations are fully embedded with CAD and PLM on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform on the cloud. Team members instantly have access to updated CAD designs and simulation data from all their 3DEXPERIENCE applications.

Get started with Fluid Dynamics Engineer on the cloud

Improve designs faster with guided CFD simulations in a collaborative cloud-based environment. Fluid Dynamics Engineer offers ready-to-use, relevant solutions with powerful technology under the hood – while providing a simple, guided user experience for designers, engineers and CFD experts alike.

  • Set up simulations in minutes with User Assistant, a simple setup wizard making getting started easy even for novice users
  • Get started “out-of-the-box” with embedded 16-core computing and inclusive meshing and post-processing in the cloud
  • Access up to 144 cores of additional High Performance Computing resources anytime with reusable compute tokens or flexible cloud credits
  • Automate design exploration with Parametric Design Study, an easy-to-use app for running parametric analyses of your simulation, locally or in the cloud
  • Solve steady state and unsteady/transient (URANS) fluid flow, thermal, and VOF/multi-species simulations faster

Speed up simulation setup and design cycles times so you can free up time to focus on your core work.

Drive design improvements quickly with an integrated CFD workflow


Fluid flow simulation
  • Operating condition
  • Engine exhaust mas flow rate and temperature
  • Catalyzer properties
  • Native Geometry


  • Model preparation
  • Specify operating scenario
  • Automated body-fitted mesh
  • Job execution
  • Results post-processing
  • Improve design


  • Optimal design
  • Flow velocity and temperature
  • Pressure profile & delta p
  • Relaunch the scenario

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There is hardly any way to handle design without simulation. Ninety to eighty percent of the work is already done in the early designs stage…

I think there are certain aspects that we still have to measure, but I guess ninety to ninety-five percent of the overall work will be just simulation-based.

Dr. Jan Biermann
Expert for the Development of Overall Vehicle Noise, Vibration and Harshness, BMW

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