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In trying times, OEMs rely on intelligent, integrated supply chains

Cloud-based solutions help OEMs build resilient supply chains for success in a post-pandemic world

Even before the global pandemic, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) had identified supply chain risk as one of the main challenges facing them. Any number of threats can manifest against supply chains, including inventory management issues, logistical disruption, regulatory threats – even theft and sabotage. 

The need to address these risks and build resilience and flexibility into supply chains was imperative before the pandemic, but it is even more critical in the post-pandemic world. So, what can OEMs do?

Manufacturers today face a range of difficulties in coordinating with their suppliers: 

  • Verifying the suitability of supplier components. 
  • Collaborating with designers in other parts of the supply chain. 
  • Coordinating with logistical decision makers across the chain. 
  • Understanding the risks posed to and by different nodes on the supply chain. 

One way in which companies can answer these challenges and ensure supply chain stability is by digitally enabling their supply chains

For OEMs, this means building digitalized, data-driven supply chains that allow them to collaborate more closely with their suppliers. Continuous communication and collaboration via a shared platform on the cloud increases transparency, which in turn allows for greater agility. For example, if a capital equipment failure hits one part the supply chain, OEMs have instant visibility, allowing them to quickly implement a backup strategy.  

Full visibility for better results 

Manufacturers are also finding it helpful to bring in suppliers at earlier and earlier stages of projects, and often count on suppliers to design components or assemblies – not just build them. Doing so helps prevent errors, ensure compatibility of procured components and reduce the need for rework and error-correction, but requires close collaboration from the earliest days of a project.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform helps OEMs achieve these capabilities by giving them the ability to build digitally integrated supply chains through a unified, cloud-based solution. Businesses can bring together stakeholders across the supply chain to encourage collaborative planning and data-sharing that improves transparency and insight.

OEMs can benefit from a number of practical applications, including the ability to: 

  • Securely exchange requirements, specifications and digital mock-ups with major equipment and services suppliers.  
  • Stay on top of all communications, with full traceability of what information was shared, with whom and when. 
  • Leverage business analytics solutions that provide a comprehensive view of all parts of the supply chain, with localized real-time updates. 
  • Generate the supply chain insights that allow for right-first-time design and production, eliminating the need for rework and its associated material waste and schedule slips. 

The 3DEXPERIENCE cloud-based platform delivers all of these benefits, bringing manufacturers closer to their suppliers by creating, managing and continuously analyzing integrated supply chain solutions that lead to smarter, more agile businesses. 

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