Hydrogen H2 Engineering for Zero-emission Mobility Future

Build and optimize hydrogen storage and logistical infrastructures more effectively with 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud platform

Achieving Hydrogen Success with Virtual Twin Experience

With the support of advanced digital solutions powered on the fully integrated 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud platform, companies can innovate, plan, produce and optimize better fuel technologies and value chain – and soar towards a carbon-neutral future. The Virtual Twin Experience provides a digital environment where process control and operational solutions are tested and designed before being applied in real-time. This way, they can optimize life cycle assessment, deploy these solutions online more quickly, and upskill operators in the safest way possible, before trying it in the real world.

With the Virtual Twin Experience-based scenario planning, companies can also build and optimize hydrogen storage and logistical infrastructures more effectively. These infrastructures are critical for hydrogen success and overall market growth. At the same time, the Virtual Twin Experience helps companies eliminate logistical issues around hydrogen fuel transportation. Using planning solutions backed by real-time data insights, they can optimize their delivery plans and routes, and simulate the best transportation scenarios while factoring in suggested safety metrics gathered from real-time data around stored hydrogen stocks. This way, it is easier to improve their decision-making – and choose the most optimal delivery outcomes, while at the same time using less CO2 on the derivative production of H2. By simulating real-life scenarios, companies can optimize infrastructure features such as airport and aircraft storage capacities, and on-ground and up-in-the-air engineering systems. This way, they can choose the best and safest storage options more easily.


Increase durability and stack life

Decrease costs

Meet efficiency performance target

Hydrogen resources

Consumers, investors, and governments demand a high level of sustainability and a lower carbon footprint from manufacturers. And companies are responding. There is an urgent need for manufacturing companies to adopt digital transformation technologies such as manufacturing digital twin to evaluate, monitor, and address their carbon emissions. 

Hydrogen whitepaper from engineering.com

Hydrogen’s Emerging Role in Sustainable Aviation

Quotes from hydrogen customers

Quote from H2FLY

By fully integrating all our activities on Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform, our team was able to work securely at any time, from anywhere, and successfully create our first prototype in only 8 months.

Olivier Lombard
founder, Hopium

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