Pre-COVID-19, between 2% and 12% of the manufacturing workforce primarily worked from home; in May 2020 that rose to 54%. Hybrid work is here to stay, indeed, 38% of all industries acknowledge that work models will need to be redesigned to support a hybrid workforce. Keeping remote and on-site employees engaged, productive, and connected is a critical issue for companies to address in order to continue to meet corporate and customer goals.

Companies need to think beyond traditional meeting tools to help employees from any location to collaborate, and get work done efficiently. Leveraging Lean principles and digital collaboration can be a significant enabler for teams to increase their autonomy and effectiveness when dealing with disruption, problem solving and new innovation.

IDC Report

Learning from Manufacturing: Digital Collaboration and Lean Principles

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Lean thinking centers around the concept that improvements can always be made, and this applies whether you are a Leader or a Laggard. No matter where you are on your journey, every organization should continue its efforts to combine digital technology and Lean principles to deliver value. Organizations that focus on engaging the workforce, revealing insights, and 8 improving the decision-making process will set themselves up for long-term success. Not just in key functions, but across disciplines. Ideally, you’ve been able to identify some weaknesses and strengths in your approach and have gained some valuable insight to help make progress while developing a competitive edge.

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