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Head in the clouds: How business disruption is transforming the way we work

Remote working can make teams more productive, collaborative and successful – given the right tools

Remote working is increasingly appearing as the new normal, the culmination of a long-term trend. More than a decade ago, Forrester predicted that 43% of US workers would work remotely by 2016. But it wasn’t until the business interruption caused by the global pandemic that the number of people working from home would really accelerate, soaring from 31% in mid-March to 62% of US workers in April according to Gallup.

This disruption has demanded new ways of working, forcing companies to operate virtually and embrace cloud-based collaboration tools. But rather than have a negative impact on business, this shift to the cloud has created an opportunity – to drive digital business transformation and enable innovation to happen anywhere, at any time. 

Cloud solutions allow for the freedom to move beyond past ways of working and transform businesses to gain a competitive edge, access a wider talent pool and make their customers happier – even in times of uncertainty. Here’s how:

  • Competitive advantage: Embracing cloud-based collaboration tools today can enable a business to get a leap on its rivals. Having a connected ecosystem means teams can coordinate and manage their work remotely, gain greater visibility over workflow and encourage cross-divisional ideation and communication. Having a single source of truth that is shared across an organization also makes it easy to identify any potential errors or issues before a product is launched. An effective online platform from which to work can even lead to a more efficient, resilient business. According to McKinsey research, 41% of employees found said they were more productive than before the pandemic. 
  • Top-tier talent: Location can be a huge barrier to attracting the best people for jobs. Business hubs, like Silicon Valley in the U.S., can make it difficult for businesses located elsewhere to attract the top talent. However, cloud-based solutions mean that businesses don’t need to be held back by their location. The right people can work on a project and collaborate seamlessly with the rest of the team anywhere in the world. This ability to work remotely and with greater flexibility has also long been held up as key factor in recruiting and retaining the next generation of talent. A Deloitte survey found that 69% of millennials and 64% of Gen Z respondents felt having the option to work from home would relieve stress – a cause for one third of people to take time off. 
  • Happier customers: Customer communication is important anytime, but it is especially important during times of potential business interruption. Data stored on the cloud means that businesses can supply their customers with whatever information they need, quickly and accurately, as well as collaborate more closely and transparently with them on projects through shared tools. One survey from Prodoscore found CRM activity increase by as much as 176% in March and April compared to the same period in 2019, highlighting that the right tools can enable employees to not only maintain relationships with customers but advance them too.

More than 50% of global executives plan to increase their digital transformation spending in 2020 and into the post-pandemic era according to IFS. But digital business transformation is only truly impactful through the right cloud-based solution. The Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows you to reshape your entire business and ways of working by connecting your ecosystem on a single cloud-based environment – allowing you to work smarter, faster and more collaboratively.

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