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R&D Development Engineer - C++ Developer

India, MH, Pune

Deliver World Class Brand Apps, Services, Technologies creating emotions & value to end-users, enabling Roles. Continuously improve deliveries based on usage and user feedbacks 

  • Specify the software system:
    • Define and describe Functional behavior, limitations and Acceptance Tests of capabilities to deliver (What)
    • Design and specify How capabilities will be implemented:
      • Select algorithms, theories or technologies that will be used. 
      • Plan appropriate user interface. 
      • Identify and manage dependencies with other components. 
    • Document these selections in a PES (Product Enhancement Specification Document) and in a DES (Design Enhancement Specification Document) 
  • Develop and Validate new functionalities described in PES: 
    • Code, compile and run unit tests according to Implement processes and Metrics (KPIs), as part of the development pipeline 
    • Check the progress of dependencies with other components.
  •  Ensure knowledge sharing within the team about the developments.
  • Work towards development convergence: 
    • Improve code quality up to the Last Build, to reach the defined quality metrics (component metrics, product metrics …)
  • As soon as the Software is deployed, track usage metrics and user feedbacks to continuously and proactively improve the solutions
  • Regularly assess Metrics and Customers feedbacks to identify areas for code quality or software performances improvement.
  • Perform lessons learned and RCA to identify Root Causes of severe issues and propose Improvements actions to prevent such type of issues in the future (trainings, tools, process, operations, ...)
  • Resolve quality issues  (backlog management):
    • Looking for a C++ developer with hands on exposure on development and design & architecture with at least 7+ years. Knowledge of Cloud concepts and having exposure to Service development would be beneficial.

      • Leadership to challenge the Status Quo 
      • User and Customer focus
      • Peer cooperation
      • Effective Communication
      • Knowledge & Know-How  Management
      • Time and Priority Management
      • Transversal project Management
      • Programming Languages: C++ , MQL, Java-Script, HTML5, UWA, Java/J2EE, Java,
      • Programming Object (JPO) 
      • Database: DB2, NuoDB, My SQL, Oracle, SQL Server 
      • R&D methods, process & tools 
      • Continuous Development / Deployment practices
      • Software architecture 
      • Data modeling (incl RDF) 
      • 3DEXPERIENCE Architecture 
      • Web App development
      • Mobile App development
      • Cloud Services development
      • Software Security
      • Software Performance
      • User experience - Ergonomy
      • Running 3DS People Processes & Tools
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