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DELMIA Apriso Project Manaager

Japan, 13, Tokyo

Ensure the successful completion of a customer project to deliver committed value and guarantee customer satisfaction, performance of the activities on Time, on Quality and on Budget.

Value Commitment: Gate -1 to 0 of LEVERAGE | Value Engagement

  • Provide support during presales as such as assessing program needs, planning, staffing, risk management. Projects structure, Governance
  • Lead or Contribute to statement of work content definition for the program, complying with Value Engagement SOW standards

Value Delivery: Gate 0 to +5 of LEVERAGE | Value Engagement

  • Create and manage project plan and scope throughout the lifecycle of the project.
  • Manage and provide guidance to the project team.
  • In charge of project P&L: Drive all associated activities & resources to guarantee the committed quality, margin and scheduling criteria.
  • Ensure maximum reuse of existing Best Practices, and create new one
  • Establish appropriate actions and plans to guarantee Confidentiality and IP protection,
  • Optimize resource utilization on the scope of the project meantime ensuring life balance
    • Services & consulting experience
    • Bachelor degree in Engineering
    • Understanding of 3DS products and technologies
    • 3 years experience in Project Management activities

    Professional Skills :

    • Create project specifications
    • Customer relationship management
    • Ensure compliance with legal requirements
    • Manage budgets
    • Manage profitability
    • Meet contract specifications
    • Monitor contractor performance
    • Perform escalation procedure
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