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CATIA MBSE Dymola Consultant

China, 31, Shanghai

Imagine New Horizons

CATIA brand in Dassault Systemes China is in need of an Industry Consultant of MBSE( Model Based System Engineering)to be a key player in Dassault Systemes, to boost the business of the MBSE portfolio by driving strategic business transformation projects for key customers.

You have dreams? You enjoy a challenge? Here at Dassault Systèmes, we empower people and energize passion to change the world and create the future. Let’s open new horizons together with the power of 3DEXPERIENCE virtual universes! Shape your career with 3DS! We Are 3DS to assure the delivery of MBSE Solutions to our customers in the CATIA brand and our every channel.

What will your role be?

Your main responsibility including:

  • You must be good at simulation domain, especially with Dassault Systemes CATIA Dymola tools and insights from related commercial libraries.
  • Excellent skills on Modelica language.
  • Have an insight into simulation industry and the advantages and disadvantages of mainstream solutions and products, and can give their own unique insights and coping strategies.
  • Support MBSE mutil-industry customer, articulate 3DS MBSE value and knowledge to customer, identify and engagement MBSE pipeline and achieve Geo MBSE target.

The Challenges Ahead

  • Closely working with all sales forces in DS and partner ecosystem to best define and execute Win Plan from Pre Sales to Customer production.
  • Build Geo MBSE customer reference, to summary and transfer the knowledge to related industry and accounts sales.
  • Become the trusted advisor to the User through deeply MBSE skill and Technical engagement.

Your key success factors

  • Education Level Master's Degree or above
  • Level of Experience at  least 5 year 
  • Excellent skill on Systems engineering, Performance simulation,well know Products or software architecture design that based on OMG SysML, be good at on Requirement engineering, Control Engineering skills
  • Excellent skill on Presentation, Propsal and PoC.

(1) MUST have

  • With at  least 5 year experience in core industries (auto, aero, shipbuilding, energy) working on/for Tech Sales or multi-disciplinary physical system modeling and simulation role to develop complex system, at least 5 years experiences in Model Based Systems Engineering
  • With a wide range of knowledge in physical system modeling and simulation, MBSE standards, and Modelica/ SysML languages,
  • Excellent hand-on skill on the function/logical and physical system modeling tools, DS Dymola, CATIA Cyber System (CATIA Magic), Dymola or a similar one.
  • Capable to win MBSE project as consulting way on Model Based Systems Engineering.
  • Dynamic and passionate, capable of taking exciting growth challenges
  • An optimistic character is necessary to take this challenging job
  • Capability and Aspiration to learn and master the new knowledge.
  • Fluent and skilled in public presentation and communication.


(2)    Nice to have

  • Knowledge of MBSE solutions such as Modelica-based tools, and additional skill on MWorks,Amesim, Simulink, and/or other prominent simulation tools.
  • Certifications from INCOSE or the Object Management Group.
  • Familiar with and adept at T&M, A&D or HT industry solutions, with extensive planning, consulting and practical experience in MBSE.
  • PLM related experience.
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