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C++ Developer for 3D Software Application (CATIA)

Korea, Republic of, DaeGu

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Software Engineer – 소프트웨어 엔지니어(CATIA C++ 개발자)

  • 개발SW: CATIA
  • 사용언어: C++
  • 근무지: 대구 R&D 센터 (계명대학교 내에 위치)

Role Description 

  • 어플리케이션 개발 요구사항 검증을 위한 타당성 조사
  • 어플리케이션 개발 상세 명세서 작 성(영문)
  • 어플리케이 기능 개발 및 유닛 테스트
  • 제품 품질  향상을 위한  QA 팀과의 지속적 협업


  • 5년 이상의 C++ 와 COM (Component Object Model)을 활용한 개발 경력
  • 객체지향 프로그래밍과 개발프로세스에 관한 이해도 필수
  • 기하학 모델링 개념의 지식 필수
  • 원활한 영어 소통 (Reading, Speaking, Writing) 능력 필수
  • 컴퓨 터 공학 혹은 기계공학 관련 학과 학사 및 석사
  • Java Python을 이용한 웹 개발 및 머신 런닝 개발 경력 우대
  • 3D 프로그래밍 경력 CAD/CAM/PLM 소프트웨어 사용 경력자 우대
  • CAA 개발  경험자 우대



Software Engineer - SW developer for CATIA (C++)


Job Description

Design, develop and continuously improve 3D design applications in order to provide World Class Apps, Services and Technologies delivering experiences & value to end-users (Shipbuilding, Offshore, Energy, Civil engineering, Building, Construction and etc.). Continuously improve deliveries based on usage and user feedbacks. 



  • Understand user requirements and design capabilities in order to deliver best in class experiences
  • Propose relevant enhancements by understanding user behavior (data analytics and  probes study) 
  • Understand the portfolio plans, committed values, and position new developments in this context  
  • Understand competitive products landscape in the scope of their work
  • Learn and stay at the state of the art on software development practices, technologies 
  • Analyze code usage metrics to identify areas for code quality or software performances improvements


  • Learn and promote component re-use
  • Design new components for re-use in collaboration with architects
  • Define and describe functional behavior, limitations and acceptance tests of capabilities to deliver
  • Design operable software (such as validation check on 0% downtime, code upgrade compatibility)
  • Select best algorithms or technologies to use. 
  • Perform feasibility study (prototype, POC) to validate 
    • Technology / components proposal with Architects
    • User experience proposal with user experience Designer




  • People with experience in coding (UX, web, cloud, algorithms, industry processes…)
  • People with modern development skills (C++, COM technology, Java and Python for web)


Essential Skills

  • Good understanding of object oriented programming and knowledge of development process
  • Knowledge of geometric modeling concepts
  • Must strong mathematical, analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Fluent English to communicate with global R&D people
  • Good level of technical writing in English


Desirable Skills

  • Knowledge of COM/DCOM
  • Experience of 3D programming and CAD/CAM/PLM software
  • Working with large platform(big size application) in C++
  • Good development and debugging skills using IDE tool
  • Experience of CAA development
  • Knowledge of development methodology (DevOps, Scrum…)
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CATIA is the world’s leading solution for product design and experience. It delivers the unique ability not only to model any product in 3D but to do so in the context of the products real life behavior.