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Our management

Our management team is inspired by a long-term vision.

Bernard Charlès > Dassault Systèmes®

Bernard Charlès

Vice chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer


Bernard Charlès has positioned Dassault Systèmes, world leader in 3D software, as the preferred partner for innovation. The inspiration behind digital mock-up, product lifecycle management and 3DEXPERIENCE, Charlès firmly believes that 3D technology is about making possible the impossible: 3D universes are the most powerful vehicle for testing concepts and creating the future, bringing dream and reality together, and stretching the limits of science and imagination to drive progress in society.


“Scientifique du contingent” at Dassault Systèmes (seconded as an engineer to Dassault Systèmes during military service)


Founder of the New Technologies, Research and Strategy department


President of Strategy, Research & Development


President & CEO


Vice chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer

Dominique Florack > dassault Systèmes®

Dominique Florack


With a dual scientific and industrial focus, Dominique Florack has helped pioneering 3D company Dassault Systèmes establish itself as the world’s leading supplier of cutting edge products and technologies to meet the needs of an ever-expanding range of industries.

Pascal Daloz > Dassault Systèmes®

Pascal Daloz

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Combining operational knowledge and technological expertise, Pascal Daloz has made a key contribution to Dassault Systèmes’ policy of pioneering new sectors and takes a cross-functional and multidisciplinary approach to the company’s performance.

Florence Hu Aubigny
Florence Hu‑Aubigny
Executive Vice President, Research & Development
Philippe Laufer
Philippe Laufer
Executive Vice President, 3DS Global Brands
Florence Verzelen
Florence Verzelen
Executive Vice President, Industry, Marketing & Sustainability
Olivier Ribet
Olivier Ribet
Executive Vice President, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia (EMEAR)
Samson Khaou
Samson Khaou
Executive Vice President, Asia-Pacific
Erik Swedberg
Erik Swedberg
Executive Vice-President, Americas
Laurence Barthes
Laurence Barthès
Executive Vice President, Chief People & Information Officer
Thibault de Tersant
Thibault de Tersant
Sr. Executive Vice President, General Secretary
Elisa Prisner
Elisa Prisner
Vice President Business Platform Transformation
Victoire de Margerie
Victoire de Margerie
Vice President Corporate Equity, Marketing & Communications

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Dassault Systèmes determines the orientations of the Company's activity, under the Chief Executive Officer's proposal, and oversees their implementation, in accordance with its corporate interests, taking into consideration the social and environmental issues of its activity. To facilitate the exercise of these missions and the achievement of its objectives, the Board of Directors sets up three study committees: an audit committee, a remuneration and selection committee, and a scientific committee.

The Board of Directors brings together individuals with complementary skills and experience, who look out for the interests of the company and its shareholders. It is composed of 12 members. Apart from the two directors representing the employees, 50% of the directors are women and 50% are independent. Two of them are of nationality other than French.

Charles Edelstenne

Charles Edelstenne

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Charles Edelstenne is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors after having subsequently occupied the positions of Manager and then Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dassault Systèmes of which he is the founder.

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