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Because we are going through a revolution that requires us to look beyond functional and technical aspects, we are there.

The Tamu chair, or the art of folding

We can now generate a material that was impossible to model a few years ago. It used to be too complex; we could imagine it but not make it real. That’s all changed now.

Morphosis Material Metamorphosis

Architecture is a discipline that is now shifting into a much more virtual space: when Morphosis designs a building, it spends several months developing a virtual model, virtual systems and virtual mockups that can be subject to tests and simulations to observe how the building will perform when built.

Virtual diamonds are forever

The 3DEXCITE solution, based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, allows Debswana to design virtual tours, maintaining a sense of the mine’s huge scale while also educating visitors about its processes and facilities.

A bridge between systems engineering and creative design

Creating a brand experience consists of defining and developing the user‘s experience of the brand‘s products within their natural environment: the household itself. This could not be replaced by a laboratory or a test stand. Today, the desired experience and services are defined using a “design thinking” method.

Luxury cruise: multihull edition

New, unconventional shapes can be created and simulated, unleashing the marine architects’ powers of innovation. They can test unusual hull designs and various stabilizing methods to generate a whole new aesthetic.

What do robots dream of?*

For Swedish dancer and choreographer Fredrik Rydman, a robot is an exceptional dance partner, executing his sequences to perfection, completely in time, performing lifts with absolute security.