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Because the best way of meeting the challenges of urbanization is to make sure that city renewal projects focus on people, we are there.

A sustainable, resilient and inclusive city

Data make it possible not only to manage, regulate and plan the way cities work, but also to invent new types of services. This is one of the major developments over the last few years, and the movement is only just beginning.

Sustainable cities: key issues

With limited space available on the ground, it will be hard for current traffic routes to cope with increasing volumes of travel. This is why Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is such an active area of development.

Last-mile logistics

The explosion of e-commerce, traffic congestion, the environmental impact of transportation, pedestrianization and the banning of certain vehicles from city centers all mean that urban logistics need a thorough overhaul.

Interacting with city residents

"Harmonizing all elements of city life into healthy, pleasant human experiences requires a sense of responsibility and exposure to the urban context in all its complexity. Ethical design requires the ability to respond immediately and intelligently to the global standards that a city must meet."

Cities of the future

In the future, with the aging of structures, the issue will be how to maintain and manage them efficiently. In addition to the structures that will be built in the future, 3D-enhanced maintenance and centralized management of structures in the cloud environment will open up a smart construction industry.