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The most resilient, sustainable and innovative companies and societies will be those that can harness collective intelligence.

Consumer electronics show experiencing the future

Accelerated urbanization, changing demographics, environmental concerns, and cognitive and connected technologies are transforming the way we live, work, travel and consume. These shifts are creating new markets and new opportunities for businesses, consumers and citizens.

Developing tomorrow’s talent

Bringing together research, teaching, business and the public sector to create a solid base of knowledge and expertise is a crucial part of developing what will be the lifeblood of tomorrow. It’s how we will be able to meet the challenges faced by a planet that is short on sustainable solutions.

Pushing back the boundaries of knowledge to benefit the whole of Indian society

La Fondation Dassault Systèmes is a charitable foundation established in 2015 in Europe and expanded into the United States in 2016. In November 2017, it set up an Indian arm focusing on training and research in the fields of agriculture, health care, renewable energies and cities. La Fondation’s work showcases ways in which we’re transforming how people learn and discover.

Are machines, like animals, governed by the laws of evolution?

Pascal Picq is a paleoanthropologist and an expert in the evolution of humans and great apes. He has studied their relationship with technical innovations, which also has implications for businesses and societies. His latest book “Artificial Intelligence and the Chimpanzees of the Future” was published in early 2019. He shared some of his thoughts about the development of artificial intelligence with us.

Industry as a way of seeing the world

Pierre Musso is a philosopher who holds a doctorate in political sciences and is a professor of information sciences. A great deal of his work is devoted to social imaginaries, modeling and networks. In La Religion industrielle (2017), he argues that industry is a way of seeing the world.

Design for life

Collective design is becoming an important way of connecting the challenges of the new millennium with the aspirations of people around the world. Our thoughts and actions will have to be represented digitally, going beyond simple technology. With the “design for life” approach, designers invite us to consider complex systems, aiming to connect our habits as part of a new social contract that addresses the key questions on which our quality of life depends. Anne Asensio, Vice President Design Experience at Dassault Systèmes, spoke to us to explain this concept.