Xavier Fouger

Senior Director - Global Academia Programs Dassault Systemes

After graduation as industrial engineer at Ecole Centrale de Lille, Xavier Fouger started his career in 1986 as Attaché for Science and Technology at the French Embassy in Austria in charge of science and technology cooperation.

With Dassault Systemes since 1990, he spent several years developing new digital processes to enhance collective innovation in the automotive industry. In this role, he acted as principal advisor to engineering and business leaders in various countries with a focus on Germany, Korea and Japan. In 2003, he created Dassault Systemes’ Academy, the corporate organization supporting skills, producing educational innovation and encouraging transformative learning initiatives related to the use of the company’s software.


Engineering Education activities for secondary education

In France he introduced and developed with the University of Versailles, a nationwide program – “Course en Cours”- which after five years of operation involves 11500 high school students, mentored by 500 engineering students in designing, building and racing electric model cars. Measurable impact on enrolment in science and technology was observed as a consequence of this ongoing initiative, endorsed by the Ministry of Education and awarded the national entrepreneurship prize within the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009. These efforts to promote the engineering profession led him to implement various cutting edge educational activities for secondary and vocational education in the USA, Malaysia, and Canada.


Engineering Education activities for higher education

His focus is on facilitating multidisciplinary learning, industry cooperation and international activities. With the aim to build educators skills in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), he initiated competency centres in India, China, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, South Africa and Vietnam and established in 2009 the Dassault Systemes’ chair for PLM at KIIT University, Bhubaneswar. He regularly provides advanced seminars in collaborative innovation in several institutions, including the French Ecole Polytechnique and the HEC business school.


Engineering Education activities at international level

Working with policy makers, he has developed educational programs at country scale, in support of national priorities, particularly in Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates. A founding member of the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies, vice-president of the European Society for Engineering Education, Xavier Fouger was instrumental in the creation of the Global Engineering Deans Council. His international work also includes the promotion of Grand Challenges for Engineering in the global student’s community.



Xavier Fouger is managing corporate research on virtual labs, teaching co-creation in product innovation, crowd-based curriculum creation and virtualization of textbooks and learning devices. He has led a joint DARPA funded research project in collaborative innovation for secondary level students with the Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta) and currently conducts Dassault Systemes’ participation in a French government funded development of a new curriculum in collaborative systems engineering.