ICEM Surf Core Module

"Class A" at its best

ICEM Surf Professional - define complex free-form shapes of a desired aesthetical high end class a quality

Thanks to the powerful and industry leading Curve and Surface modeling tools, designers have the full freedom to create high quality Class A surface geometry within intuitive and ergonomically optimized user interface supporting the need for rapid and efficient interactions during geometry creation and modifications.
Advanced modification tools such as Control Point manipulation & Matching provide the capabilities and techniques that enable the user to control the shape of the design to within a micron of accuracy in order to achieve the desired aesthetical Class A quality, whilst at the same time, Real time dynamic diagnostic tools offer both numerical and graphical, provide the designer the necessary checks to ensure the desired quality is achieved in meeting aesthetical, engineering and often legislative requirements. In addition, advanced structured data management tools are provided to manage variants in support of design review processes.