CATIA Creative Design & ICEM Conference 2015November 17-18, 2015 | Vélizy Villacoublay | France


From 01:00PM to 05:30PM

12:30PM to 01:30PM: Welcome Coffee

01:00PM to 01:10PM: Welcome Session

01:10PM to 01:30PM: CATIA In The Age Of Experience

  • Philippe LAUFER

    CEO CATIA Dassault Systèmes

01:30PM to 01:50PM: Collaborative Innovation with RENAULT

  • Patrick LECHARPY

    VP, Alliance Design Synergies and R&AERENAULT

01:50PM to 02:20PM: CATIA Design Vision, Trends & Strategy

  • Xavier MELKONIAN

    CATIA Design Roles Portfolio Management DirectorDassault Systèmes

02:20PM to 02:40PM: CATIA Imagine & Shape at VOLKSWAGEN Strak

Modeling Seats and other Surfaces. What are the special requirements for modelling seats in the Volkswagen Strak department, and why do we use CATIA Imagine & Shape for this job? We will explain why this tool could also be used in other application areas, and what should be done to improve it and make it more attractive for the design community.

  • Dr Gerd PODEHL

    Strak & VisualizationVOLKSWAGEN

02:40PM to 03:00PM: Design Innovation in Aerospace

Concept Design Revolution on External Shapes. CATIA Imagine & Shape for Aircraft Conceptual Design at SAAB AEROSPACE

  • Christopher JOUANNET Ph. D.

    Senior Engineer Advanced Design, Overall Design.SAAB AERONAUTICS

03:00PM to 03:30PM: Networking Coffee

03:30PM to 04:00PM: Legacy and Next Generation Surface Modeling Solutions

Evolutions and Innovations

04:00PM to 04:30PM: A Design Studio Creation & Ramp-Up with ICEM Surf for Design & Class-A Excellence

Mr Andreas Rurbos - Founder and CEO STUDIO KURBOS

  • Andreas KURBOS

    Founder and CEO Studiokurbos GmbH

04:30PM to 05:00PM: Discover a new innovative ICEM User Experience

A New Level of Productivity, Innovation and Collaboration - Dassault Systèmes and UX-FLO

  • Gray HOLLAND

    UX DesignerUX-FLO

05:00PM to 05:30PM: Design Visualization Vision & Strategy

The 3DEXPERIENCE Visual Revolution - CATIA & 3DEXCITE

05:30PM to 11:30PM: Cocktail Dinner in Dassault Systèmes HQ Playground

The Eiffel Tower Cocktail will happen within Dassault Systèmes Campus Playground.

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