3DEXPERIENCE FORUM Russia 2016October 14, 2016 | Moscow | Russia

Plenary session

From 09:00AM to 03:00PM

09:00AM to 10:00AM: Registration/ Welcome coffee

10:00AM to 10:20AM: Showcasing the Experience Economy

  • Laurent BLANCHARD

    Executive Vice-President, Global Field Operations (EMEAR), Worldwide Alliances and Services

10:20AM to 10:30AM: Technological development in the era of generational changes

  • Alexey RYZHOV

    Managing Director Russia&CIS

10:30AM to 12:00PM: Global challenges. Innovation. Future of Russia

  • Vladimir PIROZHKOV


12:00PM to 12:15PM: Coffee-break

12:15PM to 12:45PM: Additive manufacturing

  • Daniel PYZAK

    CATIA Technical Sales Director

12:45PM to 01:15PM: Dassault Systèmes' solutions used by GAZ Group

  • Boris TYRIN

    PLM Head Specialist GAZ Group

01:15PM to 01:45PM: A Virtual Plant Model to accelerate differentiation in domestic and export business

  • Thomas GRAND

    EPU Vice President

01:45PM to 02:00PM: Conclusion

  • Tatiana KOLOSUNINA

    Marketing leader, Russia&CIS

02:00PM to 03:00PM: Lunch

03:00PM to 06:00PM: Breakout Sessions

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06:00PM to 08:00PM: GALA DINNER

Breakout Sessions

From 03:00PM to 08:00PM
  • Aerospace and Defense

    Reaching New Heights in Program Success

  • Natural Resources

    The Mining Solutions You Expect From The People You Trust

  • Transportation and Mobility

    Driving Vehicle Innovation toward the Mobility of the Future

  • Energy, Process & Utilities

    3DEXPERIENCE for Affordable and Sustainable Development

  • Marine and Offshore

    Thriving in Competitive Seas

03:00PM to 03:30PM: Customer story - SIMULIA Abaqus for Aerospace industry

  • Denis KARASEV


03:30PM to 04:10PM: Digital world: Innovation acceleration in Aerospace industry

  • Alexis BALLOY

    A&D Industry Business Consulting Director

04:10PM to 04:50PM: Requirements Management and Validation planning - the key elements of Aerospace programs


    Senior Business Consultant

04:50PM to 05:30PM: CATIA adaptation for ESKD standarts

  • Ruslan VALIEV

    PLM projects manager UniSoft

  • Viktor KUZNETSOV

    Head of PLM department UniSoft

05:30PM to 06:00PM: Pilot cabin design: tasks and DS solutions

  • Alexis BALLOY

    A&D Industry Business Consulting Director

03:00PM to 03:30PM: Sustainable Innovation for Business and the Planet

  • Peter GRAHAM

    Business Consultant, Natural Resources

03:30PM to 03:50PM: Customer Experience of GEOVIA Surpac



03:50PM to 04:10PM: Work centralization for mining industry companies

  • Irina SHVETZ

    Chief Mining Engineer Severstal management

04:10PM to 04:30PM: Customer story: Kovdorsky GOK. GEOVIA Surpac implementation

  • Konstantin YAKOVLEV

    Geology manager EuroChem

04:30PM to 05:00PM: Production planning for mining and oil&gaz industries


    Client Executive, Natural Resources

  • Dionysios STAVRAKAS

    Deputy Director, Oil&Gaz segment, Quintiq

05:00PM to 05:30PM: Mining industry production planning and management with GEOVIA

  • Alexey FATEEV

    Head of Software implementation department

05:30PM to 06:00PM: SIMULIA for geomechanical tasks


    Client Executive, Natural Resources

03:00PM to 03:15PM: Process automatization

  • Natalia KASTERINA

    Head specialist AVTOVAZ

03:15PM to 03:30PM: System management

  • Alexey TIUNOV

    Head engineer AVTOVAZ

03:30PM to 04:00PM: Adaptive machininng

  • Daniel PYZAK

    CATIA Technical Sales Director

04:00PM to 04:30PM: Styling

  • Sergey PAKSHIN

    Technical Sales Specialist

04:30PM to 05:00PM: Planning and optimization of technological processes

  • Dmitry LOPATKIN

    Technical expert, DELMIA

  • Ivan KLADOV

    GAZ Group

05:00PM to 05:30PM: Technical calculations for T&M industry


    Solution Consultant, SIMULIA

05:30PM to 06:00PM: Validation process

  • Vitaly KLIMOVETS

    Technical manager, Key accounts, Russia&CIS

03:00PM to 03:30PM: “4D browsing” to connect access to 3D, BI, engineering information and realtime data from sensors

  • Thomas GRAND

    EPU Vice President

03:30PM to 04:30PM: SIMULIA for EPU industry


    Solution Consultant, SIMULIA

04:30PM to 05:00PM: Muti-D IMS solution and configuration management based on ENOVIA

  • Pavel BRUK

05:00PM to 05:30PM: BIOVIA - a new solution for new materials


    Client Exectutive, EPU

05:30PM to 06:00PM: Risk management


    Senior Business Consultant

03:00PM to 03:10PM: Intro


    Technical Director Russia&CIS

03:10PM to 03:30PM: 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for business process management

  • Vladimir IGNATIEV

    Deputy department director Akvamarine

03:30PM to 03:50PM: SIMULIA for shipbuilding

  • Mikhail OBOLENSKY

    Sales director Sarovsky Inzhenerby Centre

03:50PM to 04:10PM: Break

04:10PM to 06:00PM: Round table

  • Alexey LIPIS

    Managing Director Mebius

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