3DEXPERIENCE FORUM North AmericaNovember 10, 2016 | Santa Clara, CA | United States


Join us during networking breaks to explore unique, interactive and immersive demonstrations of our newest 3D experiences, including:

  • Virtual Garage Immersive Virtual Reality Experience

    Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, Virtual Garage industry solution experience delivers 3D automotive sales and marketing materials, applications and event experiences that communicate emotional brand or product themes to their target audiences. Companies can leverage existing vehicle CAD data to accelerate event concept creation while adhering to product specifications, as well as 2D/3D projection mapping, augmented reality, gamification, interactive concepts and motion control technology.

  • Driving System Simulation Experience

    Thanks to 3D printing technology, engineers from AKKA working on the next generation of autonomous driving, the Link&Go concept car, can rapidly pre-validate the user driving experience by directly testing the system simulation with the 3D-printed device. Designed using the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, Link&Go’s steering wheel integrates acceleration, braking, and mode selection (drive, reverse, lateral parking, U-turn).

  • Mechanism Design Engineering Experience

    Review a complex CATIA mechanism design on a mobile device, such as a tablet computer, and have the ability to optimize iterations and make decisions during product development, from the beginning of the assembly phase to the kinematics analysis of the whole product.


    With tremendous population growth worldwide, and most of the population moving to cities, new principles and tools for urban planning are needed to enable more sustainable living within cities, and to foster better communication among their governments, businesses and citizens. Through the development of virtual models, optimization of the functionality of cities of the future is possible. The 3DEXPERIENCity is the virtual double of the real existing city, capturing changes as they occur over time, enabling real-time collaboration and communication.