3DEXPERIENCE FORUM EUROCENTRAL 2016October 25-26, 2016 | Berlin | Germany

Day 1

From 10:00AM to 12:00AM

10:00AM to 11:00AM: Welcome Coffee / Exhibition

11:00AM to 11:05AM: Welcome

  • Andreas BARTH

    Managing Director EuroCentral Dassault Systèmes

11:05AM to 11:45AM: The Industrial Digital Transformation: It is all about Platforms, Agility and Speed

The “New Digital Product” will become a combination of features, user experiences and services. Services which are configured ad hoc based on operational data from the products itself and other data sources provided by an ecosystem. This development will redefine today’s competition. Not Products will compete against each other anymore. The era of Ecosystem competition is on the horizon. The impact for today’s manufacturing organizations are huge.


    Country Managing Director Germany Accenture

11:45AM to 12:15PM: The 3DEXPERIENCE platform – game changer for businesses in the era of Industry 4.0

The digital transformation is not only changing the technology which is used but also requires a change in business models and the way companies work internally and externally. Dassault Systèmes supports its customer with its 3DEXPERIENCE platform to take the next step into a connected world where the success of businesses is based on globally accessible digital data, worldwide collaboration and seamless processes. In their presentation Andreas Barth und Laurent Blanchard will demonstrate the opportunities and benefits of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and its collaborative environment for a changing world. The digital transformation, Industry 4.0 and its related topics like Additive Manufacturing or the Internet of Things will enable companies to stay ahead of competition.

  • Andreas BARTH

    Managing Director EuroCentral Dassault Systèmes

  • Laurent BLANCHARD

    EVP, Global Field Operations (EMEAR), WW Alliances and Services Dassault Systèmes

12:15PM to 01:30PM: Lunch / Exhibition

01:30PM to 01:40PM: Industry 4.0: Customer responsiveness driven by an agile manufacturing platform

Customer responsiveness is a key factor for competitiveness of manufacturing companies. The main obstacle for responsiveness is insufficient collaboration between different organizational units within an enterprise. A significant number of production failures happens because different organizations work on different levels of information, which leads to rework and delayed product deliveries. The objective of this presentation is to illustrate how the introduction of a collaboration platform for manufacturing will increase the manufacturing agility.

  • Dr. Darko SUCIC

    DELMIA CoE Digital Manufacturing Director Dassault Systèmes

01:40PM to 02:10PM: Industry 4.0 at Alstom Germany

  • Burkhard REUTER

    Operation Director Alstom Deutschland

02:10PM to 02:55PM: Panel Discussion

  • Prof. Dr. Henning KAGERMANN

    President acatech


    Country Managing Director Germany Accenture

  • Andreas BARTH

    Managing Director EuroCentral Dassault Systèmes

  • Laurent BLANCHARD

    EVP, Global Field Operations (EMEAR), WW Alliances and Services Dassault Systèmes

02:55PM to 04:00PM: Break / Exhibition

04:00PM to 04:10PM: Science-based Generative and Functional Design and Global Production System for Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing technologies empower designers to create products that were impossible to manufacture in the past using subtractive processes. However, significant challenges exist in the reliability and predictability of a number of Additive Manufacturing processes that act as barriers to part certification and a much larger potential adoption in industry. In this session, we will show an end-to-end workflow starting with generative design, optimization considerations for additive manufacturing, material processing as well as the layer-wise simulation of the process to predict stresses and distortions.

  • Olivier HARDY

    Expert Sales Manager for Airbus and Safran Dassault Systèmes

04:10PM to 04:30PM: Additive Manufacturing as driver for Digital Production

Various markets like oil & gas, heavy machinery or automotive and aerospace are very conservative but also strictly quality driven with established process chains since decades. To introduce fully digital process chains is a challenge, especially if changes in the established production processes needs to be specified in close collaboration with the customers. But here the biggest added value can be achieved. Additive Manufacturing is an innovative production process based fully on digital data. Today it gets adopted by the aero industry even the production procedures and congruent validation processes are still not given. OC Oerlikon is deeply involved to industrialize Additive Manufacturing to full serial production. This is only possible if the full integration of a closed digital process chain can be achieved. Such a digital supported production could serve as a role model for other process chains as well. The presentation will give examples how these issues are addressed along the value chain of additive manufacturing, including design, material feedstock, printing, post processing and final coating.

  • Dr. Konstantin VON NIESSEN

    Head of Technology Partnerships at Oerlikon Oerlikon

04:30PM to 04:50PM: Office experience – design and development in the customer centric organization

Nowy Styl Group is one of the European market leaders in furnishing office and public spaces. The wide product portfolio, the growing number of implementations that meet the market trends and customers' needs, the geographically dispersed product development processes, and the frequent short-series production of customised furniture – this is the way the Group manages a product on a daily basis. The 3DExperience platform is supposed to help the processes reach the Industry 4.0 level and enable us to respond to our customers' individual needs even faster.

  • Tomasz BARDZIK

    COO/CTO Nowy Styl Group

04:50PM to 05:20PM: Leadership and Organization in Times of Digitization

Due to increased uncertainty, complexity and dynamic HR in the 21st century will have little to do with what has been promoted in recent years or decades and written in the textbooks. Instead of finding “the right people, at the right time and at the right place” we will make the employees and their individual preferences, talents, life plans, and ambitions the focus of attention.

  • Prof. Dr. Armin TROST

    Professor for Human Resource Management Furtwangen Business School

05:20PM to 06:00PM: Exhibition / Transition to Boat

06:00PM to 08:00PM: Boat Tour / Networking Cocktail

No other European Metropolis offers that direct view into the heart of a city. Large parts of the old and new architecture were built towards the water, while vast parts of the Spree riverbank are not lined up by streets. It’s especially this aspect that makes this city centre tour through Berlin so special – almost obligatory, for those seeking to truly get to know Berlin. Some sights of the tour would be: Moltke Bridge, Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Central Station), Embassy of Switzerland, Bundespresseamt (Federal PR Office), ARD Capital Studio, Jakob Kaiser House, Reichstag (Parliament), Paul Löbe House … So, come aboard and experience Berlin’s inner city first hand and unfettered by ship!

08:00PM to 12:00AM: Dinner