Model-Based Systems Engineering with 3DEXPERIENCE on the Cloud

An integrated systems engineering platform that supports the rapid development of intelligent products.


As products are becoming complex systems that combine hardware, sensors, data storage, software, and connectivity, many engineers are facing new challenges:

  • How to develop a multidisciplinary system in an environment supporting both hardware and software development.
  • How to test complex products before they are available in physical form and by this to reduce time to market and the cost.

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is an answer to these challenges.

MBSE Benefits

Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is the formalized application of modeling to support system requirements, design, analysis, verification and validation activities beginning in the conceptual design phase and continuing throughout development and later life cycle phases (INCOSE SE Vision 2020). Change is integral to this methodology and requirements, structure, and behavior are derived and finalized with the help of the models. In short, the model is the master!

3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud provides not only a model-based approach sharing models and parameters in a single real-time environment. Its integrated systems engineering platform supports the rapid development of intelligent products, cross domain modeling and simulation of complex systems. With its growing app portfolio and secure cloud technology, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables you to manage all facets of your product development process while reducing infrastructure costs, IT overhead, software maintenance and complexity.


Increase engineering efficiency

All data readily available on one single environment, available to all team members.


Detect and solve potential problems

Make rapid and accurate decisions based on simulation results.


Fine tune the product’s future user experience

Understand the behavior of the real product multidisciplinary system of systems simulations.

Product complexity is driving a need to bring multiple people together more efficiently to collaborate and that is accelerating the need to create convergence between the real and virtual worlds... It’s critical because you need to make sure the product you’re putting on the market is the right product and is delivering the right services.

CATIA Systems’ senior director of Sales, Dassault Systèmes

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Bosch Car Multimedia

Bosch Car Multimedia, a division within Bosch Mobility Solutions, tested the model-based systems engineering approach with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to address the increased complexity of its smart mobility solutions.

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is using Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) to collaborate and share knowledge more efficiently and identify the processes that bring products to market faster.

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