CATIA V6R2013x


Perform fast and accurate virtual tests to evaluate product behavior and comply with performance specifications.

CATIA Structural Analysis

Assess mechanical behavior early in the design process

Global competition requires the creation of better products faster and at lower costs without sacrificing quality. Many companies have adopted Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), but it has often been used by a limited number of highly-qualified specialists towards the end of the development cycle. This practice ends up restricting CAE’s effectiveness in the design phase.

The generative capability of the CATIA Structural Analysis solution allows design-analysis iterations to be performed rapidly by designers working within the CATIA design environment. It enables linear stress and modal analysis on part and hybrid assemblies, as well as powerful stress and vibration analysis on complex assemblies, including surfaces, solids, and wireframe geometries.

  • 60% improvement in the product design-analysis cycle time compared to non-integrated design-analysis solutions
  • A user-friendly and comprehensive analysis environment enables both designers and engineers to inspect product quality
  • Optimize the quality of STL data produced
  • Reduced costs resulting from the ability to detect problems early in the design process
  • Productivity gains due to a common environment which enables seamless design-analyze-improve iterations
  • Linear stress and modal analysis on part and hybrid assemblies
  • Powerful stress and vibration analysis on complex assemblies enabling designers and design engineers to simulate and validate assemblies that include surfaces, solids, and wireframe geometries
  • Easy-to-use pre- and postprocessing capabilities
  • Automatic mesh generation for 1D, 2D and 3D geometries
  • Robust and automatic generation of connection elements
  • Associativity between design and analysis specifications
  • Full post-processing analysis on composites parts, using embedded failure criteria specification

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