Certification for V6 Users

3DEXPERIENCE Certification for V6

The 3DEXPERIENCE certification exams for V6 currently cover the major brand domains and products offered in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. They are available to our customers and academics users, channel's business and services partners.

As a general rule, it is recommended to take the V6 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for 3D Users exam before any brand/domain exam as it covers all common practices around ENOVIA database access and 3D Live. Furthermore, all preparation training is on Companion courses accessable online on Companion Learning Space https://companion.3ds.com. Some exams and preparation courses are translated in different languages, check the descriptions below.

Our V6 exams, at the Specialist level, consist of 50-75 challenging multiple choice questions delivered in a secure proctored testing environment at any Pearson VUE site. You will have 75 minutes to complete each exam, plus 15 additional minutes if not available in candidates' native language. Candidates need to achieve a total equal or above the minimum passing score on the exams to pass.  

Later, to show that you are a 3DEXPERIENCE Brand Domain Specialist, you can retrieve your certificate from a dedicated portal.

Taking the exams requires preparation and three to six months of practical experience of the products. The expected level for 'Specialist' exams is to have one to six months of regular practice.

Exam List and Descriptions

To prepare for these exams, we recommend that you attend the suggested course(s) and engage in work experience and regular practice. To guide you through preparation steps please use this link

Exam content details are provided below: