Certification for CATIA Users

CATIA V5 Exams Description: Levels and Tracks

The CATIA V5 certification program supports three levels of expertise per application domain: Specialist, Expert and Master. Different tracks across these levels respond to career needs. Tracks correspond to CATIA products. Today, CATIA Certified Professional exams cover 3 tracks: Part DesignAssembly Design, and Surface Design.

CATIA Mechanical Design Certification

Within each track, three levels of certification are provided: Specialist, Expert and Master. The prerequisite to apply to the Master level being to be certified at the highest level in all tracks.

  • 'Specialist' is the entry level. It certifies the foundation level of knowledge within a track
  • 'Expert' is the senior level. It certifies the advanced level of knowledge within a track.
  • 'Master' is the high-end level. It certifies the highest level of knowledge and expertise within a domain.

V5 Certification Rules

  • The Specialist level must be completed before the Expert one. To become 'Expert' in a given track, you are required to pass first the 'Specialist' level exam, then the 'Expert' one.
  • Specialist Level Certificates are version specific and do not expire.
  • Expert Level Certificates are version specific and do not expire. However, it is recommended you keep your expert certification current.
  • Tracks can be taken in any order (no prerequisite tracks).
  • To become 'Master' in a given domain, you are required to pass all exams levels in the different domain's tracks plus a live practice session.

V5 Certificates

Anybody who passes a CATIA V5 Exam is a CATIA Certified Professional.

Certificates are Brand - Version - Track - Level specific.


CATIA V5 Mechanical Design Exams

  • Our V5 exams at the Specialist and Expert level consist of 60-75 challenging multiple choice single answer questions delivered in a secure proctored testing environment. You will have 75 minutes to complete each exam. Candidates need to achieve a total equal or above the minimum passing score on the exams to pass and become certified.
  • Taking the exams requires preparation and minimum practical experience of the products. The expected level for 'Specialis exams is to have one to six months of regular practice. For the 'Expert' level we recommend candidates to have at least one to 2 years regular practice.
  • The following information should give you a good taste of what you will experience when taking the exams:

CATIA V5 Master Live Practice Exam

The CATIA V5 Master Certification exam consists in a live practice session. Candidates must perform a set of challenging exercises in a limited time. To qualify candidates must perform successfully the mandatory exercises and obtain a total score equal or above the minimum passing score of the exam.


  • Taking the Master exam requires from the candidates to be already certified at the Expert level in all three CATIA Mechanical Design tracks (Part Design, Assembly Design and Surface Design) and Generative Shape Design.
  • Have several years of CATIA experience.
  • Regular use of CATIA in the above mentioned areas

CATIA Master Exam is no longer available.