V6 General Portfolio

You will find here the complete V6 general product portfolio. You may also discover the V6 PLM Express Portfolio.


3DVIA Extra HD capabilities:

"3DVIA Studio Player Pro" (6CP-STY) product gives access to a full HD screen which is set at 1920x1200 pixels. 
Each "3DVIA Extra HD" (6TP-XHD) token gives access to one additional full HD screen. 
If you have a number of pixels equivalent to n HD screens, you need (n-1) XHD tokens. 



Without XHD token a watermark stating ‘powered by 3DVIA’ will be displayed over each viewport 
when the sum of all pixels of all displayed viewports exceeds that of a full HD screen.


The watermark will disappear:

  • If you resize your window under the HD resolution limit
  • If you purchase the right number of required tokens for your screen resolution.


Unless otherwise specified at http://www.3ds.com/terms/price, index applicable for Price revisions is the SYNTEC index, available at http://www.syntec-informatique.fr.