PLM Business Process Consulting

Harness the real power of PLM for a stronger and more sustainable competitive advantage.

What else can you DO with PLM?

You are the experts when it comes to your company’s processes and how they impact your product. But what else can you do with PLM to give your company a stronger and more sustainable competitive advantage? Dassault Systèmes Industry Services has in-depth industry knowledge AND the unbeatable expertise and experience in the application of PLM for taking Best Practices to “Next Practices”.

Whether applying lean principles to your product development process to become more efficient, focusing on improving innovative capacity and effectiveness, or seeking to use 3D everywhere, we can help you achieve and maintain that edge over your competition ….via PLM.

With PLM Business Process Consulting you can harness the real power of PLM. 

Lean Engineering Services

A journey towards the optimization of efficiency, quality and lead-time throughout your 3D PLM based product development processes.


3D Master Business Process Consulting

A process re-engineering approach that helps deploy 3D as the master reference for all you do.