Mega 3D-FE Models in Tunneling Bond Street Station Upgrade Project

Discover how Dr. Sauer and Partners use Abaqus to help upgrade a London Underground station

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Read a whitepaper by Dr. Ali Nasekhian, Senior Tunnel/Geotechnical Engineer with Dr. Sauer and Partners, London, the firm providing the tunneling expertise for the project.

As part of the London Underground (LU) upgrade plan, Bond Street Station is presently undergoing a major upgrade to increase capacity and improve accessibility. This challenging design currently makes Bond Street Station Upgrade (BSSU) one of the most complex tunneling projects in the UK. All the new tunneling activities along with most of the existing tunnels were simulated in three large 3-dimensional models using Abaqus in order to study the ground and structural behavior of the tunnels in terms of surface settlement, volume loss, lining thickness design and ground stability of the intermediate construction stages.

This whitepaper highlights the merits and shortcomings of large 3D models in tunneling. Fill out the form to access the complete version.