SIMULIA Realistic Simulation Solutions

SIMULIA makes virtual testing a standard business practice that improves product performance, reduces physical prototypes, and drives innovation.

Extended Packaging

SIMULIA Extended Packaging provides access to a broad range of robust, best-in-class realistic simulation and optimization technology. These programs together provide an expanded capability to simulate product performance as well as improve and virtually validate product designs so that they are optimal and durable. The following capabilities (and products) are available with Extended Packaging:

  • Finite element analysis (Abaqus)
  • Topology and shape optimization (Tosca Structure)
  • Fluid channel topology optimization (Tosca Fluid)
  • Durability and fatigue evaluation (fe-safe)
  • Design-of-Experiments, parameter optimization, and process capture so that the entire simulation process can be re-used (Isight)

Benefits of Extended Packaging:

  • Unified access to all solution technology within the portfolio
  • Increased efficiency in utilization of the single token pools (compared to different token pools for each individual product line)
  • Single purchase process for the entire portfolio
  • Increased value from a customer’s simulation investment through immediate access to the technology in the entire portfolio