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Crash Dummy and Barrier Models

Abaqus Add-ons

Crash dummy and barrier models for Abaqus are available as add-on products for use in crashworthiness and occupant safety simulations. These models are designed for use with Abaqus/Explicit. The following models are available:

Frontal impact dummy models

  • Hybrid III 5th
  • Hybrid III 50th
  • Hybrid III 95th
  • Hybrid III 5th Ballast
  • Hybrid III 50th Ballast
  • Hybrid III 95th Ballast

Side impact dummy (SID) models

  • SID IIs
  • SID IIs Floating Rib Guide (FRG)
  • EuroSID II
  • EuroSID II Rib Extension (RE)
  • World SID 50

Rear impact dummy (RID) models

  • BioRID II

Additional dummy models

  • Q6 Child Dummy
  • Q10 Child Dummy

Barrier models

  • IIHS Side Impact Barrier
  • EEVC Offset Frontal Crash Barrier
  • NHTSA Side and Rear Crash Barriers
  • Advanced 2000 Side Impact Barrier
  • AEMDB Side Impact Barrier
  • TRL-FWDB Front Impact Barrier

Headform models

  • EMHF

Legform models


Pedestrian Headform Models

  • EEVC Pedestrian Headform Models
    (Adult, Small Adult, and Child)