Simulation Process & Innovation Management

Simulation Asset Management ()

A foundation for all analysts to manage their ad-hoc simulation workflows within 3DEXPERIENCE

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Simulation Asset Management provides a non-intrusive platform to capture workflows as designers and engineers interact with their respective tools. Key decisions such as the tools required, the versions to use, the necessary inputs and run options are automatically captured. As such ASG allows users to interact with all of the tools required to complete their work whilst providing critical traceability and repeatability.

Simulation Asset Management
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Key Features & Benefits

  • Improve analyst productivity while they work, helping them while they’re “in the thick of it”

  • Automatically capture the knowledge and context of their simulation work in a consistent, traceable and searchable format

  • Record their workflow in a re-playable, automatable format, reducing the cost of moving the simulation workflows through the maturity spectrum