Multiphysics Modeling & Simulation

Multiscale Systems Analyst ()

Multiscale Systems Analyst

A Role for Analysts who assemble executable subsystem experiments for cosimulation of hybrid physics domains and model fidelities

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Multiscale Systems Analyst provides new functionality enabling rapid development of complex multiscale analysis. The experiments you create and evaluate with this role comprise assemblies of subsystem components, each having behaviors that you can select according to your needs for fidelity and cost-efficient simulation

Multiscale Systems Analyst
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Key Features & Benefits

  • Best-in-Class multiphysics technology leveraging the DS ecosystem

  • Revolutionary user expeirecne with open environment for system/subsystem/multiscale simulations

  • Review unified experiment results to make innovative design decisions

  • Enhanced Cosimulation execution experience

  • Assemble executable subsystem experiments from templates or scratch

  • Define/modify advanced coupling schemes between physics

  • Execute & monitor experiments

  • Leverage 3DEXPERIENCE physics Analyst roles to build behavior definitions