Simulation-based Design

Enterprise Simulation Compute ()

Enterprise Simulation Compute is a Deployment Option available on-cloud that provides access to simulation compute services for Analyst Roles

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Enterprise Simulation Compute combines Tokens to support sustained compute requirements and consumable Analyst Credits for occasional peak usage. Simulation compute services include execution of Abaqus solvers and simulation workflows. Analyst Compute is a SaaS offer that integrates IT used for computations on the DS cloud, but can also support computations run using IT provided by the customer.

Enterprise Simulation Compute

Key Features & Benefits

  • Combines the benefits of token licensing for sustained computing requirements with a new consumable credit model to support occasional peak usage above the sustained capacity

  • Provides budget certainty over the term by delivering a sustained level of compute power over the term of the license which cannot be exhausted

  • Consumable credits delivered with the tokens provide flexibility to occasionally exceed the sustained power level for occasional peak requirements

  • Based on software features, model size, and performance speed-up