Simulation-based Design

Fluid Dynamics Engineer ()

A Simulation Role for Engineers who perform routine fluid calculations under steady-state flow conditions to guide design modifications

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Fluid Dynamics Engineer provides designers and design engineers with the ability to validate fluid performance for internal and external flows, then improve their designs based on optimal flow distribution, minimal pressure loss and turbulence. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology is employed and minimal simulation knowledge is required to employ CFD evaluation during product design.

Fluid Dynamics Engineer
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Key features & benefits

  • Designer-level steady state CFD does not require extensive Specialist-level simulation knowledge or experience

  • Intuitive interface utilizing a dedicated User Assistant for CFD set-up requires minimal simulation knowledge

  • Improve designs to optimize flow distribution, minimize pressure loss and turbulence

  • Reduce complexity for common fluid analyses with dedicated User Assistant

  • Internal and external steady state fluid flow with automatically selected turbulence model