Oracle America, Inc.

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Oracle America, Inc.
500 Oracle Parkway
Redwood City, California 94065

Country: USA

Contact: Benoit Gobilliard
Email: benoit.gobilliard(at)oracle


Company Overview

Nor-Tech is recognized as the 2nd largest custom system builder in the country, producing thousands of PCs and Servers each month at its 60,000 sq. ft. facility in Burnsville, MN. Nor-Tech is an authorized and certified system integrator for leading technology brands, an advantage that results in superior knowledge of, and priority access to, the latest products from: Intel, Supermicro, Dell, and HP. Nor-Tech has been involved in the HPC field for the better part of a decade, delivering projects for organizations such as the NSF, NIH, Gulfstream, Boeing, MIT, Scientific Drilling, the FAA and DARPA.
Innovative HPC Solutions from Nor-Tech



Nor-Tech specializes in custom integration of Abaqus software into High Performance Computing clusters. We work with our customers to help them learn to use Abaqus software in a HPC environment making their business more efficient developing their designs into sellable products faster than ever before. Nor-Tech's specialty is Abaqus on small to medium clusters often for those customers making the jump from standalone engineering workstations to HPC clusters. For customers needing more advance solutions, Nor-Tech has experience with hybrid CPU/GPU clusters offering scalability into the thousands of cores.
Key Features

  • Nor-Tech uses only Enterprise class hardware and software for reliability and long MTBF
  • Provides remote access to your cluster prior to shipment for training and testing
  • Provides bare-metal cluster recovery media for fast recovery in the rare event of a crash
  • Cluster arrives completely configured to run on your network without changes
  • 72-hour burn-in prior to shipment
  • Nor-Tech provides a complete set of documents including a user manual and network topology drawing


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