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IBM has led the TOP500 list of the world's fastest supercomputers for many years, and leads the world in the production of some of the most energy efficient systems. For 20 years in a row, IBM has been the leader in patent grants. With decades of providing innovative solutions for the high-end, high- performance computing (HPC) market, IBM is best equipped to bring unsurpassed technical computing knowledge and experience to a broad range of industries so that more organizations can benefit. IBM helps companies innovate with systems, software, services and financing.



IBM Application Ready Solution for Abaqus takes the guesswork and complexity out of deploying, managing and using high-performance clusters, grids and clouds for accelerated realistic 3D simulation. Based on a reference architecture developed in partnership with Dassault Systemes' SIMULIA team, these pre-integrated solutions deliver reduced risk and faster time to value for Abaqus simulation processes including pre-processing, solving, and post-processing. Learn more.

IBM Platform Computing software provides comprehensive workload and resource management for technical computing, analytics, big data and HPC cloud in distributed computing environments. Platform Computing software can transform your infrastructure to provide up to 100 percent utilization and greater throughput for reduced cost and faster time to results. Learn more.

IBM NeXtScale System delivers the density, agility and scale you need for your most demanding workloads including, technical computing, grid deployments, analytics and large-scale cloud and virtualization infrastructures. Learn more.


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Solution Brief: IBM and SIMULIA - Accelerating Realistic Simulation.