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Country: United States
Website: www.hp.com

Contact: Sharon Shaw
Email: sharon.shaw(at)hp.com


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The Hewlett-Packard Company designs and manufactures high-performance servers, clusters, and workstations for both technical and commercial users. Customers know HP for the quality and reliability of our systems and services.



HP and SIMULIA are ideal partners for engineers who need to solve both routine and sophisticated linear and nonlinear engineering problems. Our companies have worked together steadily for the past decade to deliver scalable simulation solutions that leverage accelerated hardware compute power and advanced software functionality. Technical exchanges between our engineers not only maximize performance on current products but also influence the design of future products. The tight relationship between our business and technical teams ensures that customers choosing HP and SIMULIA solutions receive world-class pre-and post-sales support.

  • HP's 64-bit Integrity servers, based on Itanium2/HP-UX or Linux deliver excellent performance for Abaqus analysis products.
  • Opteron-based server architectures run Abaqus FEA products with compelling price/performance in Windows and Linux environments.
  • HP Cluster Platforms offer Linux and HP-UX reference clusters for cost-effective Abaqus FEA execution, either as "farms" of servers running many jobs simultaneously or as "clusters" scaling one job across multiple nodes.
  • HP workstations, running Windows, Linux, or Unix, run Abaqus FEA products, third party pre- and postprocessing applications, and all CAD applications very fast.
  • HP has the capability to custom-fit each customer's requirements with an industry-standard computing solution for CAE.



Additional Information

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