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Company Overview

DataDirect Networks™ (DDN) is the world's largest, privately-held, data storage infrastructure provider. With a unique and exacting focus on the requirements of today's massive unstructured data generators, DDN has innovated a comprehensive product portfolio for Big Data applications which are optimized for the world's most data-intensive environments, including: High Performance Computing, Life Science Research, Web & Cloud Content, Professional Media, Homeland Security, Intelligence and more.



DDN's line of storage solutions span block, file and object for ingest, processing, collaboration and archive. The largest consolidated manufacturing design environments in the world select DDN for the most performance, reliable and cost effective storage platform to handle the mixed IO, high bandwidth requirements of core manufacturing applications like Abaqus.

Most DDN Manufacturing customers select our SFA™ products as their core design and simulation foundation. Increasingly multi-site manufacturing companies are adding DDN's integrated object storage - Web Object Scaler (WOS®) - for cost effective archive and multisite collaboration with a single shared namespace.


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