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Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc.

Company Info

US Offices
Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc.
800 East Campbell Rd, #388
Richardson, TX 75081
Country: United States

Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc.
100 West Big Beaver Rd, #200
Troy, MI 48084

Contact Person:Prasad Mandava
Email: prasad(at) 
Phone: 248-835-6880


Company Overview

VCollab provides solutions to reduce the CAE model and results files dramatically into light weight visualization files and provides state of the art 3D CAE Viewers for easy viewing, light weight post processing and collaboration. For example, CAE Analysts can reduce Abaqus INP or FIL or ODB files up to 99% into an ultra compact 3D CAX files using VCollab solutions. Analysts can then embed the 3D Simulations into PowerPoint slides or into Word documents for 3D presentation/analysis reviews. CAX files can also be published into WEB pages or managed within MDO tools like Isight or integrated into SLM solutions. Now global teams can collaborate on even the largest CAE simulations.


Solutions for Abaqus

VMoveCAE Converts the native CAE models and results files from Abaqus ODB files into highly reduced CAX files, for easier sharing and Viewing of Simulation Models and Results. For example CAE analysts can use VMoveCAE to reduce the INP or FIL or ODB files up to 99% into an ultra compact CAX files for easier sharing and viewing of the Abaqus models as well as results.

VMoveCAE also can convert models and simulations from other FEA solvers  into a common CAX format.  VMoveCAE can work in batch mode to create CAX files. It can easily be integrated into MDO systems like SEE as well as SLM system to reduce the large simulation files from many CAE software into one common format for easier visualization.

VMoveCAE also generates meta data from variety of CAE files and provide this info in a XML sheet for easier integration of such meta data into SLM.

Learn more about VMoveCAE here: