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Company Info

VEXTEC Corporation
P.O Box 2287
Brentwood, TN 37024
Country: United States

Contact: Animesh Dey
Phone: 615-372-0299 x 225


Company Overview

VEXTEC is a computational simulation company that provides CAE services and software for product reliability and life management. Our VLM simulation platform links conventional FEA with a 3D spatial model of the material microstructure to predict component durability. VEXTEC's customized software solutions are based on our patented Virtual Life Management (VLM®) technology and leverages the power of cloud computing to deliver answers efficiently. Today, VEXTEC Corporation activates simulators through a web-based subscription model. These Virtual Twin products provide aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, heavy industry and medical device manufacturing companies with accurate, information about life expectancy of their components, systems, and fleets.


Solutions for Abaqus

The Virtual Twin simulation software is an open architecture application which links an independent web application UI  with a robust and comprehensive computational back - based on Amazon's EC2 computational cloud. The simulation results can be displayed within a Google-based spreadsheet or exported to a PDF report. Like any spreadsheet application, the results can be viewed, graphed, sorted, printed or saved. Prior simulation run results can also be brought into the currently displayed results so comparisons can be made.

VEXTEC has enabled its Virtual Twin software to direct "read-in" results from any commercially available FEA software package. Users will be able to input different FEA results files with little or no involvement from VEXTEC. VEXTEC has also created an FEA template so that Virtual Twin results, like probability of failure, can be directly overlaid within any FEA software produced stress contour map.


Additional Information