SIMULIA Alliance Ecosystem

Developing strong relationships with independent software and computer platform companies to provide best-in-class solutions for design, simulations and product development needs.


Component Integration Program

The Component Integration Program (CIP) is a new and exciting program that supports our open platform strategy. CIP members will enjoy a rich set of benefits and through Components will have the assurance that their software applications are employed as integral parts of Isight and SIMULIA Execution Engine (SEE) simulation workflows.

SIMULIA’s Isight and SEE software products have established themselves as industry leading applications that are enabling companies to deliver higher quality products with improved performance while reducing cycle times and costs. Components are essential building blocks of Isight and SEE simulation workflows and provide for seamless encapsulation of in-house and commercial simulation software applications and methods.

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Through CIP, customers can automatically:

  • Launch batch solver calculations
  • Exchange input and/or output parameters between Isight and simulation tools
  • Launch visualization tools or post processing data calculations
  • Check data into or out of data management repositories
  • Apply alternative design exploration methods to a simulation process
  • And much more!